Some great diving action

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Some great diving action


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  • Intro to slow jigging
  • The whitebait widow

  • Topic tackle – the issue’s issue

  • Size does matter!



A History of Hunting

A History of Hunting

A History of Hunting

The Deerstalkers Part 2 1987-2012

Reviewed By Tony Orman

Compiled as a celebration of the last 25 years of the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association by NZDA patron, Ian Wright, this book comprises a variety of subjects and stories from the association’s activities. The result is a nice blend of hunting tales, instruction and historical summary.

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The McCashin’s Story

THE McCASHIN’S STORY By THE McCASHINS Randon House RRP $45 Reviewed by Poppa Mike   The subtitle for this recently published book is, ‘The First Craft Beer and the Kiwi Brewing Revolution it Sparked’, which covers the two main threads of this wonderful piece of New Zealand’s history. Told by the McCashin family to the [...]

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New Zealand Seaweeds

New Zealand Seaweeds: an illustrated guide by Wendy A. Nelson

Te Papa Press

RRP $80 (available from Te Papa website store)

Reviewed by Imo McCarthy

Have you ever been disappointed to find that it isn’t a small kahawai attached to the lure you haul in but a large lump of seaweed? Toss it over the side – but what was it? What sort of seaweed? This book will help you find the answer.

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